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Worried about your teen? Anxious or depressed? Stuck in life? Relationships don’t work? Ready to seek counseling? As a well-trained and compassionate psychologist in Oakland, I may be able to help.

I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology and I have extensive training with both teens and adults. I have first-hand experience treating myriad issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, gender-dysphoria, sexual orientation issues, relationship problems, and work-place difficulties.

I am also fortunate to have had considerable international experience both locally and abroad, and bring cultural awareness to all of my work. For more information on my training and experience click here.

I am currently accepting new patients and take some types of Anthem and Medicare coverage. Please visit my fee and insurance page for more information.

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Psychotherapy & Counseling for Teens

Parents, if you want a safe place of your teen to get counseling, I can help. I can be a positive male role-model for both boys and girls and because I’m young enough, they often open up. With nearly a decade of working with teens, my experience allows me to build deep connections that can lead to change.


Psychotherapy & Counseling for Adults

Anxious or depressed? Relationships not working? Feeling unsure about what’s next? Struggling to find yourself? Therapy can help you figure out next-steps, and set you on a path that’s both satisfying and meaningful.


Psychotherapy & Counseling for Expats and International Students

Struggling to fit in? Being new to the Bay Area, America, or California can be harder than most realize. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, I offer culturally focused therapy that can help.


Consultations for Early Career Clinicians

Are you trying to grow your practice? Or maybe starting your first one? Struggling to know how to let others know about your expertise?u00a0I offer consultations on private practice development, money matters, and outreach.

Praise and Testimonials

Dr. Brian Sedgeley shines as a psychotherapist in his ability to show up authentically and with dedication. He is focused and committed to the wellbeing of his patients. I would recommend his practice to anyone looking to expand their ability to receive more abundance, ease, and joy from life.

M. C.

Dr. Brian Sedgeley is a particularly empathetic, personable and insightful psychologist. On several occasions I’ve connected him to colleagues of mine because his presence stands out.

K. N.

I find Brian Sedgeley to be a highly talented psychotherapist.

Not only is he an empathetic professional with ample experience in his field, he also is a kind and considerate human being, which is an absolute must when helping people achieve and maintain emotional health.

I simply cannot say enough positive things about him.

A. M.

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