What is mental health?

What is mental illness?

What is mental illness? This is a difficult question to answer. Recent debate about this has come to a head with the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM-V). Criticisms have been widely expressed ostensibly because of this very question. The authors of the DSM-V had a nearly impossible task: to reduce the […]

Dating Skills Group for Men

Dating Skills Group for Men 10-week skills group to build the relationship you want   Are you a man who… Gets intimidated, or feels shy around attractive women Is lonely, but doesn’t know how to get the love that you want Can’t settle down or meet the ‘one’ Stuck in the ‘friend’ zone Has given […]

I am therapist, but not like the ones on TV

Reading Dr. Paul H. Ting’s blog post about the differences between Anesthesiologists in reality and the ones portrayed on television, made me think about the similar problems that this creates for therapists. In my practice, when I see adolescents for teen therapy or couples for couples counseling, I have to explain that therapy isn’t like how […]