Experience and Education

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley. Oakland psychology, counseling, and psychotherapy.
Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley. Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Brian S. Sedgeley

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience and education in adolescent development and mental health; the treatment of anxiety and depression, trauma, PTSD, abuse, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses; and culturally informed counseling and psychotherapy. I am also the founder and president of Bay Psychology Group, Inc. a counseling clinic in Rockridge.

I received a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA in 2013. As part of my training, I provided therapy to at-risk teens at Lincoln High School in San Leandro, CA; supplied mental health services to homeless men and women at Life Long Medical Center in downtown Oakland, CA; and provided individual and family therapy at the Portia Bell Hume Center’s multiple clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to those with severe mental illness including schizophrenia, substance abuse and suicidality. During this time I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to counsel adolescent parolees at a substance abuse clinic in Langa, South Africa.

For my predoctoral internship, I did two years of advanced training at the Berkeley Therapy Institute where I further developed my psychotherapy skills with a wide range of adolescents and adults.

I continued my training as a post-doctoral fellow at Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco.

During both my pre- and post- doctoral training an important part of my education came from the direct supervision I received as a psychological assistant to several senior psychologists. This was additional experience beyond the curriculum for my degree, and focused on the development of the skills needed to be the best therapist I could be in private practice.

In 2018 I formed Bay Psychology Group after a decade of planning, with the goal of helping more people and increasing assess to psychdynamic counseling for those wishing to use insurance.

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My Education and Experience

Curriculum Vitae



Sept 2007- Dec 2013

The Wright Institute

Berkeley, CA


Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, 9 Dec 2013

M.A. Clinical Psychology, 2 Sept 2009

Feb 2002 – Apr 2007

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Baccalaureus Artium Honores Psychology, 23 April 2007

Baccalaureus Artium Psychology, 24 April 2006

Additional Training

Sept 2012 – May 2013

San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis East Bay Yearlong Program

San Francisco, CA


Participated in yearlong psychoanalytic program: “Losing Our Minds and Finding Our Way: The Therapist’s Inner Struggle and Transformation During Treatment”. Regularly presented case material.

Oct 2008 – Jan 2010

Delaney & Flowers Dream Center

San Francisco, CA


Training on The Dream Interview Method. Dream consultations with Loma K. Flowers, M.D.

Sept 2008 – Oct 2009

Dream Institute of Northern California

Berkeley, CA


Dream consultation and training with Meredith Sabini, Ph.D.

Nov 2008 – Oct 2009

Gestalt Institute of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA


Gestalt training with Morgan Goodlander, M.A., G.P.W.

Sept 2006

Victory Kids

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Three day autism certificate training


 Clinical Experience

Sept 2015 – Present

Private Practice

Berkeley, CA


Licensed Clinical Psychologist



Individual psychotherapy for teens and parents and young adults. Specializing in adolescent development, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, as well as acculturation difficulties. Integrate multicultural, biopsychosocial interventions to meet the diverse needs of patients.

Sept 2014 – Jul 2015

Access Institute for Psychological Services

Berkeley, CA


Postdoctoral Fellow



Completed post-doctoral fellowship. Worked closely with the Director of Training on training program development and implementation. Engaged in community outreach efforts and lead a team of interns in creating visibility for psychodiagnostic testing services. Worked closely with executive team creating promotional materials, and helped ensure compliance with county, state, and federal regulations.


Clinical work: Provided 12 patient-hours of psychoanalytic psychotherapy weekly. Served an underinsured underserved population of diverse age, gender-expression/identity, sexuality, and ethnic/racial background.

Feb 2014 – Aug 2015

Private Practice | Psych. Asst. to Beate Lohser, Ph.D

Berkeley, CA


Psychological Assistant



In a private practice setting, provided psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy and consultations for couples, teens, and individuals. Specialties included adolescents, Intercultural therapy, anxiety, depression, culture shock, gender issues, and narcissism. Consulted on private practice business development.

July 2012 – Feb 2014

Berkeley Therapy Institute

Berkeley, CA


Psychological Assistant


Provided individual, adolescent, and couples psychotherapy for a caseload of 20 patients. Participated in weekly case-conferences, consultations, and didactics. 


Primary supervisors: Steven Walch, Ph.D.; Shannon LeMaster, M.D.

Aug 2010 – Aug 2012

Berkeley Therapy Institute

Berkeley, CA


Predoctoral Intern


Provided individual, adolescent, and couples psychotherapy for a caseload of 16 patients. Participated in weekly case-conferences, consultations, and didactics.


Primary supervisors: Steven Walch, Ph.D.; J.J Kelly, Psy.D.; Richard Levine, M.D.

Secondary supervisors: Hilary Goldstine, Ph.D.; Richard Dailey, Ph.D

Aug 2010 – Aug 2012

Private Practice

Berkeley, CA


Psychological Assistant


Psychological assistant to Ellen Balis, Ed.D., provided individual, family, couples, and adolescents psychotherapy.

Mar 2009 – Aug 2010

Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center

Concord, CA


Practicum Trainee



As part of a collaborative mental health team, coordinated care and provided weekly individual psychotherapy for a caseload of 12, dually-diagnosed, low income individuals, of diverse backgrounds.  Diagnoses comprised of a wide range of axis I and II disorders, including psychosis, developmental disorders, trauma, substance abuse, and sexuality issues. Duties involved psychotherapy, intakes, charting, billing/diagnosing, and consulting. Regularly present cases in weekly case-conference and receive three hours of weekly supervision.

Primary supervisor: Stephanie Simpson, Psy.D. (Mar 2009 – Mar 2010)/ Chris Celio, Pys.D. (Apr 2010 – Aug 2010)

Secondary supervisor: Josie Gallup, Psy.D. (Nov 2009 – Aug 2010) / Noah Oderberg, Ph.D. (Mar 2009 – Nov 2009)

Aug 2008 – Feb 2009

Integrative Health Psychology Training Program, Downtown Oakland Clinic

Oakland, CA


Practicum Trainee


Worked to develop an integrative health psychology program at a community based primary care clinic. This included weekly meetings with physicians, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and support staff. Other duties included psychodiagnostic assessments, treatment planning, charting and consultation. The population served was diverse, low income, often homeless adults. Regularly presented cases in weekly case conference and received two hours of weekly supervision.


Group supervisor: Temre Uzuncan, Psy.D.

Primary supervisor: Noah Oderberg, Ph.D.

Jun 2008 – Aug 2008

Teach With Africa

Cape Town, South Africa




Provided brief individual psychotherapy at REALISTIC, a substances recovery and vocational skills training program for township adolescent parolees. Regularly presented cases in weekly case conferences and received two hours of weekly supervision. Acted as a group-process consultant to teachers and administrators at LEAP high school. Role included weekly meetings, observing and co-leading Life-Orientation groups, writing reports, and aiding in the development of program policy. The populations served were students from Langa and Guglethu townships, struggling with issues of oppression, poverty, violence, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Additionally researched and developed admission tools and practices for LEAP high school.


Primary supervisor: Zainab Barday, Ph.D.

Secondary supervisor:  Jerry Diller, Ph.D.

Aug 2007 – Jun 2008

Girls Incorporated of Alameda County, Pathways Counseling Center

San Leandro, CA


Practicum Trainee


Provided weekly psychodynamic individual psychotherapy with at-risk adolescents in a high school setting. Presenting problems included prodromal axis II and psychotic disorders, substance abuse, sexual identity issues, trauma, and violence. Met weekly with school staff to consult and coordinate services. Regularly presented cases in weekly case conference and received two hours of weekly supervision.


Primary supervisor: John Henry, MFT

Secondary supervisor: Vicci Tibbetts, Ph.D.

Jan 2007 – Aug 2007

Jefferson Hills

Lakewood, CO


Float Milieu Counselor


Provided psychological services at a inpatient treatment center for males and females with severe emotional and behavioral problems, ages 12-20. Duties included supervision of the youth, charting, individual processing, co-facilitating groups and behavioral interventions.(e.g., restraints). Also created, implemented and lead psychoeducational groups. Participated in weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to coordinate services.


Supervisor: Kim Sytten, LMFT

Feb 2006 – Mar 2006

Phelophepa Heath Care Train

Queenstown, South Africa




Working through a translator, provided individual counseling to impoverished Xhosa men, women, and children. Created and presented psychoeducational workshops at rural schools, and at private residential schools for at-risk youth. Had one hour of daily supervision.


Supervisor: Carol Oosterbroek, M.A.

Nov 2004-Jan 2005

Jefferson Center for Mental Health–Summit Center

Wheatridge, CO


Clubhouse Generalist


As a volunteer, acted as support staff, involved in vocational skills training for individuals with a history of severe mental illness. Duties included establishing rapport with consumers, ensuring nutritional needs were met, and role-playing basic vocational skills (e.g., filling out applications, interviewing, appropriate attire, etc.). Participated in weekly team meetings to coordinate services.


Supervisor: Mark Stone, M.A.

Research Experience

Jun 2009 – Dec 2013

The Wright Institute

Berkeley, CA


Doctoral Dissertation


“Psychotherapists Who Use the Internet to Date: Personal and Professional Boundary Considerations”. A qualitative study exploring ethical, clinical, and boundary issues among psychodynamic psychotherapists who use e-dating.


Chair: Beate Lohser, Ph.D.

Jun 2008 – Aug 2008

Teach With Africa

Cape Town, South Africa




Researched current admissions practices at LEAP Math & Science high school with the intent to improve graduation rates. Conducted qualitative interviews with graduates and created pilot questionnaires for current students to operationalize qualities important for graduation. Data were used to create a document outlining steps needed to improve the school’s admission process.

Assessment Experience

Sept 2008 – Jun 2009

The Wright Institute

Berkeley, CA




Administered, scored and interpreted one mini-battery, one full battery and numerous screening and intelligence measures. These included: the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III & IV (WAIS III & IV); the Rey Complex Figure Test (RCFT); the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, Restructured Clinical, and Restructured Form (MMPI-2/RC/RF); the Rorschach (Exner’s Comprehensive System); the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT); the House-Tree-Person Drawings; the Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test, Second Edition (Bender-Gestalt II); and the Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank (RISB)

Aug 2006

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth, South Africa




As a volunteer, administered, scored and interpreted School Readiness screening battery to children ages 5 to 6.

Teaching Experience

Sept 2014 – Dec 2014

Advanced Psychopathology: DSM-5

Professional School of Psychology





Taught an intensive class on titled “Advanced Psychopathology” with an emphasis on DSM-5 and multicultural issues. Students were asked to submit clinical material, apply their diagnostic understanding to vignettes, and participate in clinical discussions. Students were required to integrate cultural frameworks into their discussion.

Oct 2014

Being a Psych Assistant, is It Right for You?

Alameda County Psychological Association




As a panelist lead a workshop on the clinical and business aspects of becoming a psychological assistant. Presented personal vignettes and provided resources to attendees.

Mar 2014

Clinical and Ethical considerations for E-dating Therapists

Wright Institute


Guest Lecturer



Presented research findings from “Psychotherapists Who Use the Internet to Date: Personal and Professional Boundary Considerations”. Led a clinical and ethical discussion using vignettes.

Nov 2013

Intercultural Therapy

Berkeley Therapy Institute


CEU course didactic


Presented and led a continuing education workshop on Intercultural therapy at the Berkeley Therapy Institute in partnership with Alta Bates Medical Center and Bay Area Psychiatric Associates.

Other Relevant Experience

Aug 2015 – Present

Alameda County Psychological Association

Alameda, CA


Membership Chair



Board of Director position managing memberships for the Alameda County Psychological Association, the local chapter of the California Psychological Association. Oversee membership outreach efforts, maintain membership records, and report to the board about changes in membership.

Aug 2010 – Jun 2011

The Dream Institute of Northern California

Berkeley, CA


Board Member


Developed and oversaw Institute policy and CEU programming. Helped with digital marketing. Emphasized the clinical use of dream-work.

Oct 2009 – Dec 2009

Fall 2010 Admissions Committee | The Wright Institute

Berkeley, CA


Student Reader for Admissions


Read and evaluated four to five applications per month for the admissions committee of the Wright Institute.

Nov 2008 – Present

Peer Mentorship Program | The Wright Institute

Berkeley, CA




As Director, responsible for developing and overseeing the Peer Mentorship Program at the Wright Institute. This included budgeting, hiring personnel, interviewing applicants wishing to become mentors, organizing trainings, and coordinating services, with the intention to foster the professional development of clinicians through peer mentorship.




Mentored a group of first-year Wright Institute students. Lead discussions about professional development and facilitated the distribution of systems knowledge. Managed student anxiety, and provided resources.

May 2008 – May 2009

Teach With Africa

San Francisco, CA


Cultural Consultant


Served as cultural consultant for Teach With Africa with the aim of helping their fellows acclimate to South African culture, norms and values. Spoke as part of a panel, led trainings, and acted as mentor for fellows. Also acted as consultant for both the CEO and Founder.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association (APA) Affiliate Member
  • Division of Psychoanalysis (39) Member
  • California Psychological Association (CPA) Member
  • Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology (NCSPP) Member
  • Alameda County Psychological Association (ACPA) Board Member