Psychotherapy and Counseling Services


I provide psychotherapy and counseling to a wide range of people in an effort to meet a diversity of goals. I work with individuals, couples, and teens.

Psychotherapy and Counseling for Individuals


Choosing to start therapy can be a deeply personal choice. For many it can be hard to acknowledge one needs help. It can also be hard to find the right psychologist. You may worry about being judged or finding someone with expertise with your concern. 

If you’re ready to seek counseling, I may be able to help. I work with a wide variety of concerns and goals and would be happy to talk about your situation. 

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Psychotherapy and Counseling for Teens


Do you have a teenage son or daughter who is withdrawn, struggling in school, or being reckless? Feel overwhelmed and unsure what do to?

I offer a safe space for teens to build self-esteem, improve relationships, and develop skills for adulthood. For more information about teens and how I can help please visit my therapy for teens page.

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Couples therapy

Psychotherapy and Counseling for Couples


Relationships require work. Sometimes the relationships we are in can feel particularly challenging. Perhaps you and your partner keep getting stuck on the same issue and need someone else to help you find ways to resolving it? Or maybe you are trying to navigate marriage, children, infidelity, or are ready to separate? I provide psychotherapy for couples–monogamous, polyamorous, heterosexual, GLBT.

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Psychotherapy and Counseling Specialties

Psychotherapy and Counseling for International Professionals and Students


Stress, anxiety, and depression can be particularly challenging for international professionals and students as your family may be far away, the US insurance system is complicated, and speaking to a counselor may feel stigmatized. I am an expert in helping immigrants, visiting scholars, and international professionals deal with mental health concerns. 

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Psychotherapy and Counseling Anxiety or Depression


Do you feel hopeless? Worried about the future? Unable to meet personal or work obligations? Tearful, angry, or empty? Struggling to feel motivated?

Depression and anxiety are serious psychological difficulties that can keep you from connecting with others, feeling good about yourself, and succeeding at school or work. Most people go untreated not knowing that treatment is effective and available.

I have successfully helped many people understand and overcome their anxiety or depression.

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For Clinicians


Are you a psychologist, LCSW, of MFT with a private practice? Are you struggling with the business aspect of your practice? If so, I offer business consulting and coaching tailored specifically to clinicians. Please visit my consulting website for more information.